Well Log Digitizing

Well logs comprise the data backbone of the petroleum industry. Log data is routinely used by: geologists, geophysicists and engineers in a host of applications, rank exploration to tertiary recovery.

The widespread introduction of digitising technology has marked an important advance in this area. Though digital logs allow excellent online manipulation and quantitative analysis, they remain time-consuming and expensive.

Digitizing of well logs can offer a full order of magnitude cheaper than ever and accompanied by software and hardware capability that can put expanded computers power at the log analyst’s command.

Key benefits

  • Converting images and hardcopies of well logs into electronic data that is usable by the computer
  • Another advantage is that these storage media can be handled and stored better and more secure than paper copies
  • Multi users of the same data and at the same time and easy access from your office computer or on field site
  • Constraints in storage area sites

The Next Generation of Well Log Data

Saudi Geophysical Consulting was awarded the contract of Digitizing all well logs data of the Reservoir Description Division (RDD) in Saudi Aramco on June 2004 based on the excellent reputation and expertise in this field and capability of achieving such projects with most efficient way and best time frame required.

Software application

Neuralog is the most advanced well automated log digitising system in the world today where it can transfer scanner paper images into usable computer data with complete data capture and storage solution

Summary of Saudi Geophysical

Excellent reputation and previous experience in this field have ensured the efficient means for total log information storage, access, and well information (location, logging company, mud receptivity, etc….) conversion is achieved with easiest fastest and less cost effective way