Core Description Digitizing

Project Objective:

The aim of core description digitizing is to convert the scanned images of hand description into digital format description.

Using digitized data in correlation and modeling of lithological properties with petrophysical properties for different wells.

Ability of remapping extracted from the digitized core description sheets (e.g.Porosity, Cement, Hydrocarbon Stain) by another software (e.g. Petrel, etc.)

Interactive log display


1-Using the digitized data for core analysis include description of mineral composition, sedimentary structure, grain size, fossils and any other macro-features of the rock.

2-Extract any parameter from the digitized core description sheets for uploading into various software packages ( e.g. Petrel, GEO logger etc.).

3-Interpretation of Facies and Depositional Environment also can represented in digitized sheets.

4-Extract any digitized data in different formats (e.g. ASCII, LAS, TXT, CSV and TIFF).

5-Comparison of lithological properties with petrophysical properties and wireline log responses.

6-Digitized data is readable and displayable by any software and remarkable.

Mineral Composition Analysis, Lithology representation and Dunham texture modifying with Facies

Key benefits

1-Use Well CAD software(with its all applications), which combines comprehensive graphic editing mechanisms and data processing tools.

2-Create all types of templates, headers, Dictionaries and Legends which are customized for any application.

3-Slice, shift, merge,re sample, filter curves with results display alongside the original data.

4-Extract all digitized data as separate files of different formats or in one template file.

Methods used

  • Well-Cad software
  • Lith-Cad
  • Head-Cad
  • Toad-Cad


Saudi Geophysical
was awarded this contract in October 2002 and started Digitizing the core description data, with experience consultants from London, and Egypt as well as Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Geophysical gain a wide experience in core description digitizing projects. We can also create a special templates, headers and dictionaries for any project.

Saudi Geophysical was capable of earning the respect and trust of Saudi Aramco to complete and extend mentioned contract for an additional year.