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Saudi Geophysical Consulting Office is a National office for Geophysical, Geological, Hydrogeological, and Environmental services. Saudi Geophysical Consulting Office was established 1998, to fill-up the gap of unavailable specialized company’s in this field in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Countries.Since that time until now, Saudi Geophysical Consulting Office expanded rapidly, and now it is a leader in the Geo-services in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Geophysical Consulting Office started with one division for ground water exploration, and currently there are three divisions of services available, which are, Geophysical Division, Hydrogeological Division, and Environment Division.

Saudi Geophysical Consulting Office is using highly strong trained and experienced local and international consultants with over 15 years of field experience in order to continuously improve and maintain high quality services for our clients worldwide.

Our offices provides International services for : Data acquisition,Interpretation, Processing of Gravity, Micro Gravity, Magnetic, GPR, Resistivity, Electro Magnetic and Seismic Project Management, which includes 3D or 2D seismic design, area scouting, start-up field test parameters, startup-up instrument test, QC processing, field QC supervision, QC Interpretation for land or marine seismic data acquisition in transition areas, OBC, Deep Marine, Shallow Marine, jungle heliportable with dynamite, mountain areas and dessert vibroseis operations using Hypack guidance system and the DSD Network and the latest state of-the-art in seismic data acquisition equipment, including celular seismic and MEMS (Micro Electromechanical Systems) or DSU (Digital sensor units).

We also have the best team of experts to asses and QC marine seismic operations using up to 16 long offset streamers, carefully monitoring the digital, acoustic, DGPS positioning, streamer separation for each shot and its receivers. We try to minimize the bin flexing by carefully monitoring the real time binning system and using the local Tide Tables to organize a proper acquisition when the marine currents are in the slack period of the low or the high tide. Preserving all the attributes of the Bins, such as offset ranges, azimuth distribution and fold of coverage without doing unnecessary infill.

We use the state-of-the-art in software to monitor the electronic performance of the latest marine seismic acquisition systems and latest marine navigation systems, as well as we dedicate an extreme amount of time to keep up high HSE standards on board the seismic vessels.

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